IN STOCK! Sienna Bow Shoes- Cork

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These shoes are absolutely perfect for all weather, all seasons and all occasions! 
Kid Tested and Mom Approved 

These are made from a high quality PU leather. Customers rave about how well they hold up as well as how they fit and kids don't complain about "rubbing". Closure is velcro and buckle is just decorative for easy on and off. 

-Size chart is posted, measured on outside of shoe. According to reviews, sizes above 10 tend to run about 1/2 size small. SIZE UP IF IN DOUBT.
-We recommend sizing up if you are going to be wearing with socks. 
Available in sizes 7-2c

Sizing exchanges are unavailable. Feel free to resell your shoes on our resale site :) All shoes are hand cut and sewn so there may be slight variation on patterned shoes prints


These shoes are considered more of a dress shoe so wear to school/daycare for rough play is not recommended (however, we have worn ours to school as a test and they held up great!) but we aren't responsible for damages once the shoes are worn.